Naomi Klein Writes Polygon’s “Which Diablo IV Starter Class Should You Pick?” Guide

There’s no gaming series that exemplifies the free market capitalism doctrine, “Grow or die,” better than Diablo, and Diablo IV is no different. No matter which class you choose in this game, you are a representation of some form of unchecked expansion. But which option should you choose?


The necromancer is the embodiment of extractivism, an acute representation of capitalism as gameplay, where you are literally pulling power from the bones of the dead. This class is best suited to managers and bosses who want to push their workers to extremes, even after death.


The druid should be the opposite of the necromancer, at least on paper. At one with the wilderness, the druid uses nature as a powerful force. Yet, in practice, as in most human history, that quickly turns into man’s power over nature. The druid is best suited to players who think of themselves as being one with nature, but who in practice will exploit it for their own ends.


At a glance, one might think the barbarian is a stand-in for the leftist advocate. Using their rallying cries to boost their comrades in solidarity, the barbarian can spark fury in those around them. But look closer and you’ll find this isn’t as altruistic as it seems, and the barbarian class is in fact the most solipsistic of the bunch. If you find yourself only at rallies where you’re offered the megaphone, the barbarian is the class for you.


With their ability to use enchantments to power their arsenal, the sorcerer is, of course, a manifestation of magical thinking. If you believe that technological fixes will get us out of all our messes (they won’t), then the sorcerer is for you.


More than any other class, the rogue is the clearest representation of the neoliberal consumer, constantly exploiting their energy reserves, only to be left burnt out and floundering for a time while those around them pick up the slack. If you used your wealth to purchase a battle pass to help skip past the labor-intensive work of “clicking demons,” then the rogue is a good option.